Supporting the Sports with storage solutions from Display Manager.

When it comes to sports, the most valuable thing that counts after the players are the sports accessories and the equipment like uniforms, helmets, balls, pads, etc. Considering their role, the need to store these things is equally important as the need to take care of the valuable players. Hence, some proper storage solution is required to put all these equipment, so as to save everyone from any unforeseen situation.

Supporting the Sports with storage solutions from Display Manager

In addition to the allotted lockers to individual members of the team, some quality storage solutions are also needed on the grounds for on-the-spot usage. Giving you this option of extra smart space, Display Manager has broughthere some uniquely designed solutions which can cater to all the storage and display needs of the sports community.

The customizable option of added layers in the racks and the built-in dividers between the spaces are helpful in organizing the items in the best way possible. Suitable for every kind of sport, be it football, basketball, cricket, badminton or any other game, the display manager racks and bins are known for their specialized designs and spacious storage.

With the on-demand wheels, the storage units become even more useful and can be moved easily by anyone without any efforts regardless of their size and the weight specifications.

With no extra workforce required to install these awesome solutions, the racks and bins are easy to install, move and use in any way at any place.

With the option of customised colors, the products can be matched with the theme color of the team to suit the needs of every different group.

Let’s see some examples of what items can be stored in Display Managers at the play areas-

  1. Uniforms– Uniforms of the individual members of the team can be separately stored and arranged in Stackable Baskets, or it can be gathered in a Dump Bin after the match.
  1. Bats/Rackets/Pads– The vertical playing equipment that is hard to store in the small lockers can be easily and safely storedin the corner placed Broom Stand from Display Manager, which will do the task without even taking much space in the changing room of the players.
  1. Balls– Basketball, Football, Cricket Ball or the Tennis Ball, all these Balls can be put into some Cage Pallet to save them from rolling over here and there and to be picked easily whenever needed by the players.
  1. Helmets– Helmets are heavy and need to store very carefully to avoid any injuries. Display Manager gives some options like Stall Bins/Cage Pallets/Stackable Basket to store these life-saving equipment of the players.
  1. Small Accessories– Small Accessories like Bands, First-Aid Boxes, Juice Bottles or the other little things that one need to pick in short intervals and requires less space can be stored in Alligator stand in an efficient way.


These were some of the example items and the suggested solutions from Display Manager. The organisers and the players can use the products for more versatile purposes and can get the best out of these awesome value giving solutions.

Happy Buying!! Happy Playing!! All the best for the next game!!

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