Republic Day Celebrations- Triggering the Impulse buying

That time of the year has come again when patriotism and pride arouse in every Indian heart and all the markets got decorated with beautiful tricolor of our Indian flag.

Republic Day Displays

The common man waits for this time as the deal time. He gets offers and discounts from the retail stores everywhere. So this time is the perfect time to give a new thought to your business and convert this holiday time to the biggest shopping time for your customers.

Along with coming up with offers and discounts, the display of your stores also matters a lot to lure the potential customers at your place.

Let’s see what you can do to get the perfect displays for Republic day theme:

  1. Color Theme– Decorate the surroundings in a tricolor theme. You can use balloons and ribbons for the same or paint all the racks and bins in the theme colour.
  2. Product Placement– Place the products sorted by colours or offers. You can have a clean display of your merchandise in the Stackable Basket or Alligator stand from Display Manager.
  3. Candy Corner– Candy corner can be arranged for kids near the counter. Alligator Stand can help you to do so in a perfect manner.
  4. Treasure Hunt on discounted products– Put the different category products in one dump bin and give your customers a feel of a treasure hunt.
  5. Printed Tees– If you deal in clothing then the republic day themed t-shirts can be put there in the stall bins for easy eye catching of the youngsters.
  6. Flaunt it– Flaunt the items that come under highly expensive category in the cage pallets. They will certainly take the space on the wish list of your customers.
  7. Poster Selling– You can display the republic day posters in the Broom Stand from Display Manager. Placing this broom stand at the strategic position will catch the attention of the customers.


You can have lot more new creativity with the display manager products and get your store converted into talk of the town. By the given ways you can prejudice the idea in the mind of your patrons to make the purchase and grab the deals you offer at your store. So, start catching the attention by these ideas and promote your products to take up the full advantage of the season. To know more about Display Manager Products, you can +91-9910398700 or email at

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