Dump Bins & Cage Pallets – Custom Built Storage Solutions

Ever worked in retail or some related industry?


Then you must have encountered the need for a storage solution to stock and organise raw materials and other items. Display ManagerTM brings out some highly versatile and portable solutions for keeping small things and are available in many different sizes and colours.

DM-Dump Bins Cage Pallets

Let’s see in what different environments one can use these dump bins & Cage Pallets

Vehicles or Machinery – Mechanics, will certainly know what a dump bin is and uses these wire made storage containers on a daily basis. There are so many large, bulky items or equipment that requires a durable and sturdy container and the dump bins can successfully store such items. Available in a variety of sizes, the wire construction helps people clearly identify the inside contents.

Storerooms & Warehouses – From steel fixings to multitude of other massive packets or boxes, cage pallet can handle it all as it has generous space and strength to store it all. It will make your job much easier, as they are easily stackable upon each other and can be labeled up making it easy to identify the content inside.

Industry & Factories – In a similar way cage pallets & dump bins can also be utilised in factories. Small containers with small components and tools can be kept together in these storage units so that the workers can carefully pick even the most minor parts with utmost ease.

Supermarkets– Though cage pallets are not readily used in retails stores and shops but, supermarkets can use them in their store rooms for stocking up a whole lot of goods.

Thus these cage pallets & dump bins serve as one of the best storage solutions for different industries. As stated, they are high on versatility and can be stacked as and when required depending upon your storage needs and systems. These robust and durable storage solutions can also be customised in terms of color, size, weight and more.

Yes, grab your hand on one such storage solution offered by Display ManagerTM. We also provide other storage products of the similar line at competitive prices.


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