Delighted Customer is the best ambassador for a product

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.”

James Cash Penney

The above quote and the title are pointing to just one thing and yes that is- “The Customer Value”

Value your customer, and the customer will value you. Earn their loyalty and enjoy the benefits from an army of potential brand ambassadors.

Delighted Customer is the best ambassador for a product

Because, if they are happy with your products and the services, they would definitely be recommending it to their circles and thus results in word of mouth marketing.

Their proactive and honest reviews will show their trust towards the brand and encourage others to go for it too.

What can you do on your part?

  • Identify the customers who are eligible to be the part of your marketing efforts. Find out who can be interested in sharing their positive experience with their fellows.
  • After identifying these group of potential benefiters, the next task to be done is monitor their behaviour towards the brand, and respond to all their queries in an informative way.
  • The more, you make them feel like boss, the more they will relate to your brand. Make them feel like as if they are the inseparable part of your brand family and you value their suggestions in every way.

Why should you do this?

  • The customer is the only way through which you can make yourself aware of the exact market scenario and its needs.
  • Following the validations and invalidations from a customer can help you improve your product/service in a better way.
  • They are the ones who can bring more and more prospective buyers as your new customers.

Merrier Customers means Merrier You-

If the customers are satisfied and happy, you will automatically be satisfied with the increased sales. To keep them delighted you must focus on the display of your store.

  • Offer attractive displays– The more innovative and impressive displays will attract more customers and will keep their mood fresh and merrier.

Display Manager offers such POP(display products) at affordable costs.

  • Discount Baskets– Baskets near the cash counters having a discount board over them always fascinate the customers and will attract them to buy and spread the news to their fellows.
  • The storage bins from Display Manager can actively help you in achieving the same.
  • Surprise them with new store layout– Change the layout of your store, now and then to make them feel amazed at their every single visit. They will find it interesting to find the hidden surprises across your store.

The mobile and portable Display Solutions are found best for such requirements.

  • Vertical Displays-Vertical Displays allows you to show more and more at a single place. It will ensure the easy reach of your customers to the targeted products.

Alligator Stand from Display Managerare best for this purpose.

Thus the more they will buy, the more will be the chances of further recommendations. Keep them happy, and they will be your brand ambassadors in no time.


When we talk about material handling, storage and organisation of products at any place, all this counts to the display needs, where the requirement can be temporary for that time being or the permanent one for the inspiring displays.


Recognizing the need, Display Manager has brought the single product down in the line of its variables that can be used in either way and still can be seen at its best.

Yes, we are talking about “The Cage Pallet.”

Cage Pallets – This is the product that is designed and developed to cater the storage and transportation needs of any place. Being versatile in the usage, these Cage Pallets can be used across the wide range of application areas like- Factory floor, Stockroom, Warehouses, Retail stores, automotive industries, etc.

The Cage made up of robust material is sturdy enough to hold different item units for extended as well as short term usage.

The reliable pallet foot design in this cage pallet allows other units to be freely stacked without any risk of injuries due to the downfall of stored items.

Either use it to handle that unused waste material or use it to stock up the inventory in your store, these cage pallets are available in individual choice dimensions and load capacity. One can order the color according to interiors so as to match the product with existing décor.

With easy access to the goods that are stored inside this cage pallet, the product is doing pure justice to the expectations of our valuable customers.

Features and the Benefits

  • Stackable Units for vertical storage
  • Enormous loading capacity
  • Space saving demountable modules
  • Versatility in Usage
  • Reliable and Portable
  • Robust and Durable
  • Customizable in color, dimension and load capacity.
  • Easy Accessibility of stored objects

To order or enquire about this wonderful option for all your storage and display needs, you can visit, call at +91-9910398700 or email at .Our supportive and technical team will be happy to assist you with all your queries.

Wire Display Racks for aesthetic stores

Someone has said it right that “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

Wire Display Racks for aesthetic stores

But to make this beholder realize about the present beauty is another art that is most important in retail sale world.

Getting your customers attention is not an easy task, but all this is possible now with contemporary and stylish wire display racks and bins from Display Manager.

With a broad range of shelving and racking options, the opportunities that you will get to do the promotions and branding are just limitless.

Whether you want to display some high-profit items or need to introduce some sale at your store, these wire fixture and storage solutions will not only help you in aesthetic displays but also will help you to use the space in the most optimized way.

Below are the benefits that you can get through these space management products at your store-

  • The variety of display solutions caters to different display needs starting from small and light items to the heaviest items present at your store.
  • The nice presentation of your products at some strategic positions in your store will increase impulse buys.
  • The irresistible displays will make them buy more and thus profits will increase by significant numbers.
  • Clean and Clutter Free Displays will make the products easy to find for your customers.
  • It gives you an inexpensive way to maintain the attractiveness of your store with minimal efforts.
  • The mobility and portability of these Storage solutions give you the flexibility to change the layout of your store after every few days.
  • The space management products from leading storage solution provider in India are affordable, and thus everyone can order them for their impressive retail displays.

So, avail these rust-resistant, premium quality space management solutions by Display Manager today and solve storage needs at your premises along with augmenting the chances of impulse buying.

To place orders visit our website, for any other query related to products and brochures, contact us @ +91- 9910398700, +91 11 47002501-04 or e-mail us at

Supporting the Sports with storage solutions from Display Manager.

When it comes to sports, the most valuable thing that counts after the players are the sports accessories and the equipment like uniforms, helmets, balls, pads, etc. Considering their role, the need to store these things is equally important as the need to take care of the valuable players. Hence, some proper storage solution is required to put all these equipment, so as to save everyone from any unforeseen situation.

Supporting the Sports with storage solutions from Display Manager

In addition to the allotted lockers to individual members of the team, some quality storage solutions are also needed on the grounds for on-the-spot usage. Giving you this option of extra smart space, Display Manager has broughthere some uniquely designed solutions which can cater to all the storage and display needs of the sports community.

The customizable option of added layers in the racks and the built-in dividers between the spaces are helpful in organizing the items in the best way possible. Suitable for every kind of sport, be it football, basketball, cricket, badminton or any other game, the display manager racks and bins are known for their specialized designs and spacious storage.

With the on-demand wheels, the storage units become even more useful and can be moved easily by anyone without any efforts regardless of their size and the weight specifications.

With no extra workforce required to install these awesome solutions, the racks and bins are easy to install, move and use in any way at any place.

With the option of customised colors, the products can be matched with the theme color of the team to suit the needs of every different group.

Let’s see some examples of what items can be stored in Display Managers at the play areas-

  1. Uniforms– Uniforms of the individual members of the team can be separately stored and arranged in Stackable Baskets, or it can be gathered in a Dump Bin after the match.
  1. Bats/Rackets/Pads– The vertical playing equipment that is hard to store in the small lockers can be easily and safely storedin the corner placed Broom Stand from Display Manager, which will do the task without even taking much space in the changing room of the players.
  1. Balls– Basketball, Football, Cricket Ball or the Tennis Ball, all these Balls can be put into some Cage Pallet to save them from rolling over here and there and to be picked easily whenever needed by the players.
  1. Helmets– Helmets are heavy and need to store very carefully to avoid any injuries. Display Manager gives some options like Stall Bins/Cage Pallets/Stackable Basket to store these life-saving equipment of the players.
  1. Small Accessories– Small Accessories like Bands, First-Aid Boxes, Juice Bottles or the other little things that one need to pick in short intervals and requires less space can be stored in Alligator stand in an efficient way.


These were some of the example items and the suggested solutions from Display Manager. The organisers and the players can use the products for more versatile purposes and can get the best out of these awesome value giving solutions.

Happy Buying!! Happy Playing!! All the best for the next game!!

Opportunity to earn with Mother’s Day Specials

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser

Business is another name to see opportunities even in the little things, and when it comes to special celebrations, they hold a different place in the dictionary of business profits.

Mother’s Day is coming on May 14th, the day to honor the motherhood. People on this day shower their love on their beloved mothers by giving them the nicest treatment and the beautiful sweet gifts.

Opportunity to earn with Mother’s Day Specials

Apart from the beauty and the lovely feel of this day, the other side of the coin is- business people gets the opportunity to increase their sales profits by selling flower bouquets, customised gifts and greeting cards on this occasion.

Display Manager brings here some ideas that you can see as an opportunity to earn with Mother’s Day Specials and also helping you to achieve the same.

Take a look-

  1. Bouquet Sale– Wow them with the extravagant Mother’s Day roses, orchids, daisies, tulips, or a mixed bouquet of beautiful blooms. These flowers can be displayed by placing beautiful vases and bowls in Cage Pallets from Display Manager.
  2. Personalized gifts– People love to give personalized gifts like mugs, cushion covers, photo frames, or other things to their mothers so that they can be remembered for many years to come. The value and the presentation of these gifts can be enhanced by displaying them in proper racks. Stackable Basket from Display Manager is perfect for storing these kinds of items.
  3. Chocolates– No one can deny the fact that women love chocolates and gifting a mother with some delicious chocolate boxes are one of the perfect gifts you can give her on this special day. Knowing this fact, most of the people love to buy chocolates on this day, and you can save this opportunity by displaying top quality and different variety chocolates in Alligator Stand from Display Manager.
  4. Accessories– When it comes to choosing a gift for a woman, no gift is better than a lovely piece of accessory. Selling a classic range of jewellery and the watches can earn you lots of money on this day. Alligator Stand is again perfect for displaying this kind of accessories in your store.
  5. 5. Footwear on Sale– A pair of beautiful sandals for a mother is the gift that you can make available for your customers in the store. Stall Bins and Dump Bins can be used to attract the attention of customers at your place. Also, displaying a catchy title tag above these bins contribute to the increased sales too.
  6. Handbags- Be it a clutch or a big shoulder bag, the gift is perfect for working mums. Display these iconic gift items in Alligator Stand and enhance the value of the products with this perfect display option.
  7. Traditional or Western Dresses– No number of dresses is sufficient when it comes to women. Kids love to buy their mum a dress of her choice when it comes to mother’s day. Dump Bin, Stall Bin, Cage Pallet, Stackable Basket can be used to display the apparels for lovely ladies.
  8. Greeting Cards– Last but not the least, no gift is complete without a personalized hand written message on a simple and sweet greeting card. Display these greeting cards for mother’s day wishes in Alligator Stand placed near cash counter and experience the increased sales in a short time.


Conclusion: Hence, these were some of the ideas that you can use as opportunities for your profit. You can also think according to your creativity and sell some unique items at your store, but the only thing that matters here is the right kind of display that you need to choose for a nice presentation of your products.

Shelving/Storage Solutions for HealthCare Industry

Time, Space and Hygiene- These three are the factors on which Hospital Industry mainly works, and we can say that these are the backbone of the medical profession.

If we talk about the storage requirements, they are entirely different than those of other industries as their internal storage needs are a mix of delicate and sharp objects. Thus, the solutions should be flexible, time-saving, space-saving and most importantly hygienic.

ShelvingStorage Solutions for HealthCare Industry

Considering these requirements, Display Manager provides custom made solutions for the shelving and storage needs of hospital equipment.

The solutions are designed in a way to save the space and are portable enough for easy shifting. The wire design of the products assists the user to find the objects faster than any other storage, hence giving one more reason to choose this range.

The individual units of the hospital like operating theatres, general wards or central supply departments have specific storage requirements which can easily be fulfilled by the products from Display Manager.

The range that can suit this industry includes-

  • Cage Pallet– For storing un-used equipment one over another.
  • Broom Stand– For storing long charts, medical reports, crutches, etc.
  • Alligator Stand– For storing medical equipment or the files in doctor’s cabin.
  • Stall/ Dump Bin– For putting used gloves, clothes, stained bed sheets, etc.
  • Stackable Basket– For stacking Equipment, Medicine Bottles, instruments, etc.


Made from high-quality material, the size and color are customizable as per the requirement of clients.

The main features of Display Manager Shelving & Storing Units are-

  1. Portable and Light Weight
  2. Wire designs for better visibility
  3. Ample Storage Capacity
  4. Customizable Size and Design Options
  5. Almost Dust Resistant
  6. Wide Range of available options
  7. High-Quality Material with safe corners.


So, if one decides to choose these flexible and awesome solutions, the benefits that will be delivered are as follows-

  • Organized Work
  • Increased Storage
  • Improved access
  • Better visibility
  • More hygiene
  • Better performance

Hence, no matter the storage need is of which type, Display Manager fits the needs of all kind. Being a market leader from past so many years, we are continuously working hard to provide constructive solutions for various industries. We ensure the right placement of every product at your place. Our products stands for our credibility in the market and are known for outstanding quality.

You can have more details about our products at and order by calling at +91-9910398700 or email us at

How to get Dynamic Interiors with Portable storage.

With the changing time comes the changing needs and everyone today wants the dynamic solutions for the ever-changing problems.

Here, today we are typically talking about the need for retail storage and space management and facing the challenge to manage it without disturbing any previously done interiors.

How to get Dynamic Interiors with Portable storage

All this can be possible if we draw our attention to the most popular solution of the recent time i.e. mobile/portable storage solutions for your store.

Not only these portable storage bins and racks are easy to move, but they also help in turning your space into an attractive looking pleasant place.

Benefits of implementing portable storage solutions:

  1. No need for indoor renovations– With the perfectly flexible, storage solutions from Display Manager, previously done interior work would not get affected, saving you from any renovation costs.
  1. An attractive makeover of the place without much efforts- By welcoming these new portable members into your retail store, you can quickly change the look and feel of your store and that too without doing any heavy loading and shifting tasks.
  1. Best use of corners and unused spaces – You may find several corners which had been ignored for years and hold the capability to do a lot for your increased sales profits. Putting these mobile storage solutions at the corners will ultimately attract the customer’s attention and get you more money.
  1. Dynamic options for the interior decoration at several occasions– Decorating the store differently according to each occasion is a trending activity these days. You can do this easily by installing cost-effective, easy to install and customised options from Display Manager.
  1. Cleaning and uncluttering will be easier– These tasks of cleaning under the racks and the bins that were earlier deemed to be the tougher ones are now easy and fast when you use portable and lightweight storage solutions from Display Manager.
  1. Not much physical strength is needed for moving the products here and there– No extra workforce is required to move the heavy goods from one place to another. Display Manager is there to do the whole task without getting anyone tired from these shifting jobs.
  1. Customer’s convenience into consideration-Customer is King, and we mean that so seriously that the design of Display Manager Products considers the needs of every customer in advance. Size and Shape of the bins and racks makes it easy to reach and get a hold of any stored product.
  1. Much better advertising opportunities– Advertising opportunities gives you the chance to earn maximum profits via minimum expenses. Putting the new merchandise every other day into the dump bins will attract the customer’s out of their curiosity and will lead to the tradition of impulse buying at your store.
  1. Space optimization– Display Manager is an expert in using the space in the most optimized way and thus letting you display and store the products in the most productive manner.
  1. Easy to store whenever not in use– When the particular Display Manager product in not in use, there are no worries to store them in the backspace. Just cart them to the place where you need them to be kept, and they will be waiting patiently for their turn to serve you, without even taking much space for themselves.


Hence, Mobile/Portable Solutions from Display Manager can help you get the dynamism quality for your store without much investments and efforts. Order Now to make your store as dynamic as never before

Trust YourSHELF for better business growth

Are you in a business which is highly related to the sales of some merchandise?

If yes, then you must surely agree with the need and the importance of shelving units to get the highest level of visibility for your products. Shoppers often tend to buy more, if they will see more and can touch more. So, no matter, what is the space and the structure of your place, the only thing that can help you in your business growth is your shelving system.

better business growth

Trust us, your shelves can give the intuitive feel to your store resulting in higher sales and more profits. Shelving can be done either in the series of individual modules or the one large structure as a whole.

What kinds of shelves should you fix in your store? 

  • The racks and the shelves which are portable and easy to shift anywhere in the store is a better option for the changing layouts every new day.
  • Shelving units made from stainless steel are the best choice if you want robust, sturdy and durable storage units for your place.
  • Always choose the display solutions with wire-grid designs to make the products visible in a clearer way.
  • Choose the products to be placed into these storage solutions. Products can be anything ranging from Boxes, small accessories, apparels and other things.

Why Display Manager?

Display Manager has a considerable range of shelving solutions for all kind of display needs. The products are designed exclusively with a purpose to increase the sales of the stores and to improve the shopping experience for the customers.

Your brand image is the consequence of how you show your brand to your visitors, and the choice of a nice in-store display can surely impact the profit percentage.

Our products for the shelving, racking and storage solutions include- 

To get more information or to try our products for your place, you can call at +91-9910398700 or email at You can also visit our website for any detailed information about the products.

Ram Navami- An Auspicious Day for shopping

Rama Navami, which is seen as an auspicious festival in Hindu religion will be celebrated on 5th of April this year, and the whole nation will be witnessing it as a celebration of the birth of Lord Rama in this month of Chaitra.

Marking the end of the nine days celebration of Chaitra Navratri also known as Shri Ram Navratri, this day is devoted to Lord Rama by observing fasts and doing cultural programmes related to the life of Shri Ram.

Shopping on this Auspicious Day:

  • Shopping for the traditional apparels– Wearing new traditional clothes is part of the devotees’ fervor and devotion, so shopping places are usually decked with new arrivals and deals on these products, at this time.
  • Stall Bins and Dump Bins can be installed at the sites that offer apparel shopping at this time. Putting a Dump Bin in front of Trial Room will not only give the facility to the buyer but will also help in maintaining clean and uncluttered space at the Shopping Centre.
  • Religious Jewellery Befitting the Occasion– People like to dress up in traditional looks on a Ram Navami day, and they often buy some jewellery like pendants or other accessories related to Shri Ram out of their religious beliefs and their faith in Lord Rama.
  • The classic looking Aligator Stands can be used to display these traditional and classic looking items to the front displays of jewellery stores.
  • God Idols for Worshipping– Who can forget the shopping for God’s idol on this big day. These idols can be displayed in Stackable Basket, or Aligator stands from Display Manager.The wired grid of these products would allow the customers to see these icons in a clear view.
  • Home Accessories – To keep the auspicious touch in the regular things people in India tend to buy according to the dates and months with auspicious importance.
  • Displaying the home accessories in different products from Display Manager will leave the customers with no other option than buying those beautiful looking products in the mesmerizing displays.

We at Display Manager call this concept as Impulse Buying, and we invite you to try this feature of our product range to experience the real difference in your sales.

Defining DISPLAY MANAGER- Wire Fixture and Storage Solutions.

Defining DISPLAY MANAGER- Wire Fixture and Storage Solutions.

With no doubt in the efficiency and effectiveness of our range of products from DISPLAY MANAGER, we are today helping you understand our product range and our brand in a better way.

Let’s see how the display manager is helping thousands of customers in managing their stores and getting the maximum profit returns because of clean and uncluttered space at their place:

Display Manager is the Manager made from Durable Material, Innovative Design Themes for the best Storage Solutions with the most eye-catching Presentable Looks and Long Lasting Impressions for Amazing Presentation from the brand with Years of Expertise.

Take a look at some of the best-rated products from Display Manager:

Aligator Stand-

The vertical stand with the desired number of levels and customised color options is perfect for storing and displaying in a bold upright manner. Use it to display magazines, small edible items, novels, or toys. It will never let you down for its performance. The proven champ in increasing impulse sales is now ready to be the part of your place, be it the hotel lobby, shopping mall, retail store or the book shop.

Stackable Basket-

Stacking is always seen as the best mode for saving the spaces, and here, this stackable basket is doing the same thing to avoid any clutter at your place. Known for its space utilization, this product is ideal for storing items that need clear visibility and movement. Wheels make it moveable, and the anti-corrosive wired structure helps in displaying the products in a clear way. It comes in 30kgs & 50kgs standard load capacity variants with customizable color options and dimensions.

Broom Stand-

Groom the side room with this tall and spacious wire broom stand.Be little creative and place different things in this Broom Stand to increase your store sales. Optimum for filling up unused corners in the most useful way, it can be used to put umbrella, charts, brooms, paper rolls, mats, wipers, etc. in it.Its classic look makes it viable at offices, retail stores, shopping malls and other such places.

Stall Bins, Dump Bins & Cage Pallet-

This collection of spacious storing solutions lets you promote and stock the items that takes space and needs advertisement in the form of visibility to the customers. Put the toys, clothing, food items, grocery items, or any heavy material in these Bins and experience the never ending benefits of these magical products.